• Ferrous Gluconate
    Ferrous Gluconate

    1. Molecular formula: C12H22FeO14·2H2O 2. Molecular weight 482. 3. Characters: yello...

  • Zinc Gluconate
    Zinc Gluconate

    1. Molecular formula: C12H22O14Zn 2. Molecular weight: 455.68 3.Characters: anhydrate or 3 molec...

  • Potassium Gluconate
    Potassium Gluconate

    1. Molecular formula: C6H11KO7 2. Molecular weight: 234.2387 3. CASNO.:299-27-4 4. Charact...

  • Manganese Gluconate
    Manganese Gluconate

    1. Molecular formula: C12H22MnO14·2H2O (dihydrate) 2. CAS No: 6485-39-8 3. Molecular...

  • Gluconic Acid Solution
    Gluconic Acid Solution

    Gluconic Acid Solution is widely used in food, daily chemicals, electronic chemicals, pharmac...

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